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An art that draws from the world of dreams

Here, tradition and innovation dance together in the tireless search for a perfect balance. A ritual of transformation of the raw material, a gift of nature, in a surprising journey of flavors and emotions. Immerse yourself in the pleasures of the palate that combine lightness, complexity of taste and modernity of thought.

Infinity Restaurant

the infinite taste meets the infinite sea

The sight of blue restores the soul and marks the time of the seasons: Infinity is the place where this beauty transforms into flavour, the perfect setting to enjoy the spectacle of nature with your eyes and fork.


For lunch and dinner, all year round The signature of Chef MIRCO Morri

A refined and memorable culinary experience that celebrates the best signature cuisine with innovative touches, the result of continuous research and experimentation with the aim of making food an experience of joy and well-being.

Attention to detail is the mantra of our Chef Morri, an expert hand guaranteeing excellence at every stage: from the selection of the freshest raw materials, to the artisanal preparation of the bread products, to the exclusive touch in the desserts and small pastries.

The heart of our territory Fresh and seasonal local products

Our culinary proposal enhances the gifts coming from the sea by marrying them with the wonders of the Romagna land. Chef Morri, with great passion, selects exclusively excellent ingredients, always seasonal and coming from the area, creating particular dishes with an irresistible taste.


Our cellar A world to discover and taste

Good cuisine needs a cellar that accompanies it, for the true pursuit of pleasure.
The mastery of recommending the perfect wine for each dish transforms every experience into an unforgettable moment: discover our selection of high quality wines.

the wine list
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Choose Infinity where every bite is poetry and every sight a work of art.

Come and discover our passion for quality food, enchanting atmosphere and unparalleled hospitality at the Infinity Restaurant. We are ready to make you live an unforgettable gastronomic experience in Bellaria Igea Marina.

One restaurant, many occasions The location for your events

The Infinity Restaurant is much more than a place to enjoy delicacies: it is an eclectic location that adapts to any event you wish to organize. Our environments, both internal and external, together with the panoramic view of the sea, make every appointment a unique and unforgettable experience.